Children’s Pool Party Invitations

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Kids-Summer-Pool-PartiesWith the warm days of summer, and children’s birthdays, what could be more fun than a pool party? Kids and playing in water just seem to go together so nicely. If you are planning a pool party for your own child, a great invitation is the perfect start.

Pool Party Theme

As you begin planning the party, you can think about a theme for your child’s birthday. It’s not required, of course, just the fun of the birthday can be a theme all on it’s own. But, if you want to do more, a theme is the easiest way to start. Think about things like Under the Sea, Tropical, even Luau makes a fun theme for a pool party.

With kids parties, you want to think about favors and goody bags. These can be designed easily with stickers put on plain paper bags. Stickers that match the theme are so easy to find.  Take a look at Kids Stickers to find lots of options through Amazon.

The birthday cake topper can be in the theme, as well as other food choices for the children. And remember fun decorations that make your chosen theme complete.

Favorite Invitations

Here are some of the invitation choices my daughter and I loved when my granddaughter was having a pool party for her 10th birthday. We chose them from and that turned out to be a great decision. We could easily customize them for Beth’s details, order only the amount we needed with no minimum and no extras left over that just ended up being a waste. The invitations arrived quickly and they were not only professional-looking, but quality card stock, too.


 Splish Splash Pool Party Custom Birthday Invites Under the Sea Pool Party Birthday Invitation boy Birthday Pool Party Invitation

We looked at the option of designing and printing our own pool party invitations, but by the time we bought the card stock, bought the envelopes, spent way too much time trying to design the look, the invitations from Zazzle turned out cheaper! And didn’t look homemade either. Lots of parents wanted to know where we got these.

Safety First Around the Pool

One of the things we were careful about for Beth’s pool party was safety. We had lots of adults around to help monitor the children. One thing you never want is to have a disaster end the party. No matter what age your guests are, keep the toys soft. Have plenty of floating devices for the children to play on and make sure to have and use lots of sunscreen on everybody. Safety first around the pool is a primary concern.

You second concern will be to allow the children and your own birthday child to have plenty of fun. A pool party can offer up great memories for all.


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  1. Mandee says:

    I had a pool party for my daughter for her 10th birthday too! It was awesome. We went with a sort of Hawaiian theme. The girls loved it. And, I love Zazzle too! I get my Christmas cards, graduation announcements, party invites and more there. They have never let me down!

  2. Oh, my! I can’t even begin to remember all of the pool parties I have been to or hosted! I love pool parties and what lovely invitations you have featured.

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