Couples Halloween Costume Ideas: Steampunk

Couples-Halloween-Costume-SLooking for ideas for your Halloween costume when you and your other half want to go in matching costumes? Then how about Steampunk for you? The look of steampunk can be many different options or choices all rolled into one, so you have plenty to choose from.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is actually a fun variation on the Victorian era 1890’s style. Either start with the British Victorian look, or the Old West look. Then you get to add! Sci-fi is the typical addition. Flying googles, high-tech jewelry and accents or mechanical gears. All these kind of things are sci-fi for the 1890’s that wasn’t part of the industrial age.

Adding Goth is another feature of Steampunk. The use of skull accents, metal components and black lace all help to make the Goth – Steampunk look.

Complete Costume Options

Certainly starting from scratch and creating your own costumes is what many people do, but there are complete costumes available to purchase.


 Woman’s Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume, Black, One Size Men’s Steampunk Duster Coat, Black, One Size

 Here are two options to work with. The women’s Victorian Lady costume and the men’s duster coat. These just require a few accessories to complete the look. If you want to see lots more options for complete costumes, look at Steampunk Costumes. The couple I have featured in the first photo here are included there, too.

It’s About the Accessories

With a couples costume style like this, the accessories really do make the look complete. Little touches like aviator goggles, elaborate necklaces and jewelry or accents made from gears will really do the trick for your costume. If you happen to be good at putting together you own costume, then all you really need to add are the extras. Sew a few gears to the label of a man’s duster to get a great effect. Put together a bunch of gears in a triangle effect and hang from a chain to create a perfect lady’s necklace for the Steampunk look.


 Bag of Gears – Steampunk Costume Decoration Accessory Hobart 770129 Oxy/Acet, Goggle – Flip Front, 50mm Eye Cup Shade 5

 None of these type of DIY effects are particularly hard to create, but it does take a visual imagination to know how to put them together well. DIY Halloween costumes for couples can be fun if you understand how to create the effect you want. With Steampunk couples costumes, it’s all about understanding how the look is put together.

So have some fun this year, whether it’s a Halloween event or a costume party, you and your other half can be a matched set.

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