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Holiday-Keepsake-Recipe-GifMany of us look for special gift ideas for those we care about. A holiday keepsake recipe book is one that I’m doing this year for my own children. Personalized for each one and filled with those special recipes that have been a tradition for them, a keepsake recipe book will be a unique gift.

Collecting the Recipes from the Holidays

Starting off, I begin collecting together all the recipes that have a been a tradition in our family. Some are from my children’s childhood, while others are more current dishes. But, all are recipes they have enjoyed.

For the keepsake holiday recipe books I’m creating, I want to have recipes and menu ideas for the full meals, including Christmas morning muffins, brunch recipes and even my special homemade eggnog recipe.

Each of my kids has wonderful memories of the holidays of the past and somehow they all include food or drink. Hm, guess I have served something to consume throughout all the holidays while they were growing up. Oh, well, they are fond memories and I’m happy to be able to give them that.

Customized Holiday Recipe Binders

I found wonderful recipe binders designed for the holidays at Zazzle. Each is personalized with my child’s name and the title “Holiday Recipe Book.” I chose a different design for each of my 3 children, but you may prefer to have matching ones.

Organizing the Traditional Holiday Recipes

I chose to print each recipe on a special holiday paper, one that matches the type of meal. Since I also had plenty of Christmas pictures from when my children were growing up, I included a number of them as part of the recipe page. It was easy to just add the photo and copy the pages with the photo in place. That way each child has a true keepsake of their growing up years and the memories of the holidays.

Adding tabbed dividers, I easily arranged the recipes according to the meals. Brunch, Dinner, Leftovers, Snacks, Drinks, etc. With each divider, I added a page where I had written my own memories of special times we had as a family while they were growing up.

A Holiday Keepsake Recipe Gift is Created

Yes, there were plenty of tears as each of my children paged through the recipes and read my notes to them. And, yes, there was a time factor involved. But these were worth making for my children. They are treasured now and the recipes are used every year for the holidays. Each recipe book quickly became a keepsake.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    This is really such a great idea! I should get a bunch of my mother’s recipes together and make these binders for my siblings. Seems like someone is always calling me and asking for one of Mom’s recipes.

  2. Barb says:

    I love all the ideas for special touches, like photographs, written-out memories. Those really personalizes the book for each recipient. It’s also like a family history via recipes.

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