Creating Your Own Family Holiday Traditions

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Family-Holiday-TraditionsYoung families are typically a combination of two holiday traditions. One from the father’s family and one from the mother’s family. As the children begin to get old enough, it becomes important to create new holiday traditions. Those that work for the new family.

Keeping Holiday Traditions that Work

Some holiday traditions from one side of the family work well for the new family. Keep those to complement the rest of the traditions. As my children were growing up, waking Mom in the morning with a special cup of coffee became a huge tradition. I would stay in bed, pretending to sleep, while the children helped their dad make that special coffee. After I got my first sip, then the holiday morning could begin.

This tradition was so delightful for my daughter, that she wanted to continue it with her own children. Her husband loved the idea and that has now become part of their family holiday traditions. (Yes, she did ask me if I had to “pretend” to sleep all those mornings.)

The ideas that work are great to keep as part of the new family holiday traditions. But, fun additions can also be added.

Test Out New Fun Holiday Traditions

There may be things available now that weren’t around when you were a child. Your family may have only had dyes for Easter egg coloring. But, now days, there are new things to use. Things like Easter stickers or egg paints.

Maybe you have a child that is particularly artistic. Allow your family holiday traditions to change for those talents.

If you have an idea for a new tradition and it just doesn’t work, fine. Do something different the following year. Your own family holiday traditions will develop as you test out new ideas. Those ideas that work will be asked for, and happily continued, year after year.

Family Holiday Traditions to Mix and Match

Some holidays have pretty standard traditions. Things like a decorated tree at Christmas or an egg hunt at Easter. These certainly don’t need to be replaced, but they could be augmented with your own new traditions.

Perhaps eggnog while tree decorating was what your family did. But, you and your children prefer cocoa. Then make cocoa, instead of eggnog, part of your new family holiday tradition.

While your new family is growing is the time to create your own family holiday traditions. No matter what the holiday, you can blend old and new traditions to create your own. Some day, you will look back on those. And get to tell your adult children that yes, you did pretend to sleep.


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  1. Mandee says:

    Blending the holiday traditions of two families and making your own can be so much fun! I loved the sip of special coffee tradition! And, apparently, so did your daughter as she is passing it down through her own family.

  2. Cynthia says:

    It is very true that family traditions are a blend of past traditions of the couple’s individual childhood families. This makes me wonder which of our traditions our children will keep.

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