Funny Comic Strip Daily Calendars for 2014

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Comic-Strip-Daily-CalendarsLaugh a day, funny calendars give us that. These are some of those great comic strip calendars that give us a something to chuckle, smile or outright laugh at every single day.

Daily Dose of Laughter

Everyone needs their daily dose of laughter. After all, isn’t the saying “a laugh a day keeps the doctor away?” Or something similar. Daily calendars are perfect for that. Curated from the funniest newspaper and magazine comic strips, the laugh-a-day calendars bring us those hilarious moments that keep us in chuckles.

Favorite Comic Strip Calendars for 2014

Here are just a few of my favorite cartoons put into daily calendars. These make fun ways to laugh at ourselves and just have the fun of jokes every day.

 Dilbert 2014 Day-to-Day Calendar: There’s No Kill Switch on Awesome. Teacher Cartoon-a-Day 2014 Calendar: A Daily Lesson in Humor Laugh ’til the Mascara Runs 2014 Boxed/Daily (calendar)

Every office worker will understand the world of Dilbert. Spending 8 hours a day in a cubicle and dealing with inane bosses, Dilbert says it for all of us.

Any one who has ever dealt with children will appreciate the hilarious comics of the Teacher Cartoon-a-Day calender. Kids say the darndest things is so true. You can enjoy one of those every single day.

Laugh ’til the Mascara Runs is one of those truly funny cartoons that any female can enjoy. Plenty of men will get a kick out of this world as well. There just seems to be no limit to the laughter that can come when women get together.

Ideal Gift Ideas, Too

For many people, the funny daily calendars are not meant to be the functional kind. Instead, they work better just for the enjoyment and laughter they bring. For that reason, daily comic strip calendars make wonderful gifts. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, a Secret Santa gift, even a thank you gift, funny calendars are ideal.

Besides the choices I featured, there are plenty more. Take a look at 2014 Comic Strip Calendars to see plenty more, including the Pearls Before Swines one that I featured in the top picture. You’ll get your laugh a day easily.


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  1. Laughing is certainly the best way to start and end the day! I truly enjoy being around people who make me laugh and I know I would enjoy these comic strip calendars.

  2. Mandee says:

    I love comic strips because they are funny! Combining them with a calendar will certainly start each day off with a laugh.

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