Funny Dog Halloween Costumes: Dinosaurs

Funny-Dog-Halloween-CostumeWhen it comes to our pet dogs, we treat them like part of the family. Of course, that means we include them for Halloween. What is cuter than our dog dressed as a dinosaur for Halloween?

Sharing the Holidays with Our Pets

Don’t we all do special things to include our pets in our holiday celebrations? At Christmas, we wrap up new toys and treats for them, adding them under the tree to open on Christmas morning. So including them in our Halloween celebrations isn’t a big stretch of the imagination. Whether you taking them with the kids for Trick or Treating time, or letting them share in your Halloween party, a funny or cute costume is perfect for our pet dogs.

Dinosaur Costumes for Dogs

These are some of my favorites. They come from Animal Planet so we know there is a bit of accuracy in the dinosaur design. I say a bit because we want our pets to look cute, not scary.

 Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops Dog Costume, Medium Animal Planet PET20109 Raptor Dog Costume, Large Animal Planet PET20102 Tortoise Dog Costume, Medium

Sized for Your Own Dog

Each of the dinosaur dog costumes from Animal Planet are available in multiple sizes. That means you will be able to find a fit for you own dog. In our family, we have 4 dogs. And, yes, they all get dressed up for Halloween. Some years we go for matching costumes. Our size range is from a Great Dane to a Yorkshire Terrier, so finding matching costumes isn’t always easy. But, we just end up adjusting things for the Great Dane.

Some Dogs Love the Extra Attention

In our family of multiple dogs, some of them love the extra attention of being dressed up for Halloween. Well, others spend every second working to get the costume off. You know your own dog and know which way they will go with a Halloween costume, so pick accordingly.

To see lots more choices, just take a look at dinosaur costumes for dogs including the cute Stegasaurus costume featured at the beginning of this article. Share you holiday with your dog.

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  1. Mandee says:

    These dinosaur dog costumes are a riot! I have never seen them before! Jordan was a bumblebee and a pirate. I will show this to my daughter and see if she might use this idea this Halloween! Too cute!

  2. These funny dog costumes are adorable! My daughter has a friend who dresses her dog up in a dinosaur costume and it really is precious!

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