Halloween Candy Molds

Halloween-Candy-MoldsHalloween parties are a great reason to create candy that is just designed for those ghoulish shapes. Or make candy just for the fun of it. It’s easy to do with candy molds shaped as spiders, brains, even skulls.

Easy Candy Creations

Making candy for any occasion including Halloween is actually easy to do. The trick is to have the right kinds of candy molds and the right type of candy that works great for melting. Once the candy, typically chocolate, is melted, all you have to do is pour it into the molds. Once the candy has solidified, just pop them out of the molds like you do for ice cubes. Lay them on a serving plate and you are ready to go. See – simple.

Halloween Shapes

Candy molds in Halloween shapes are numerous. You can pick just about any type of shape you want. When I’m doing a ghoulish party, I like to pick the scarier versions. But there are also cute ones with smiling pumpkins. Those work great for young children when you don’t really want to scare them too much.

 HALLOWEEN DECO’S Halloween Candy Mold Chocolate Cybrtrayd H162 B/S Skull with Crossbones Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold B.S. SPIDERS chocolate candy mold

Halloween candy molds are very inexpensive so you can get several different ones to make a nice variety of fun shapes. They can be used year after year. So wash them well, and store away when this year’s fun is over.

The Right Kind of Melting Chocolate

Of course, you need the right kind of melting chocolate. Candy like Hersey’s plain chocolate bars work to melt as well, but you don’t get any color choices with that. You can find plenty of melting chocolates in many color and flavor variations at candy melts.

More Candy Mold Choices

Picking a variety of different candy molds for Halloween is probably your best option. Take a look at Halloween Candy Molds to see lots more including the brains I pictured above and those darling smiling pumpkins. For any kind of holiday party little extra candies shaped for the season make great additions or fun centerpieces, too.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I actually used candy molds this past Halloween for the first time. And, you are right, so simple! I chose the monster finger that had the spot for a lollipop stick. I used lime green candy melts and painted the fingernail with red candy melts and was ready to go. Simple, easy and very scary for a Halloween party!

  2. I have always loved candy molds! They are such a great way to add a bit of extra beauty to a buffet, table or party! What I really love is that there are candy molds for just about any holiday or occasion.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Time to make the Halloween candy and those spider molds will be perfect!

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