Heart Cake for Valentine’s Day

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Valenting-CakeThere are many ways to create some great heart cakes for Valentine’s Day. The traditional red and white cake is easy to make with a bit of food coloring, but there are other fun recipes to make Valentine’s Day cakes. The simple addition of a heart-shaped cake pan can turn any recipe into a romantic dessert.

Red and White Cakes

Of course, the red velvet cake is one that many love for Valentine’s Day. My favorite recipe is courtesy of Food Network. It’s a basic, homemade cake. Here’s the recipe for Fabulous Red Velvet Cake, including a basic white frosting.

Another simple Valentine’s cake to make is the basic white cake with cherry frosting. This is one of those recipes that my family loves and asks for all through the year. I start with a packaged mix for white cake, but I add in chopped maraschino cherries and chopped pecans. Frost with a packaged cherry frosting and you have a great Valentine’s Day cake.

The Wilton company has tons of ideas for Valentine’s cakes. Look at the rather easy directions for making the heart cake for the above image at Hearts A’Poppin Cake.

Chocolate Absolutely for Valentine’s Day

One of the flavors that are perfect for Valentine’s Day is chocolate. Whether you like a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or mix the cake and frosting with different flavors, you can still create a charming heart cake through the pan shape and the decorations that you add.

Cupcakes and Brownies for Heart Desserts

For school groups, parties and the family, cupcakes and brownies are also fun ways to serve up mini versions of heart cakes. If you’re pressed for time, or you aren’t quite a talented chef, using the package mixes are fabulous as well. With small cakes, it’s often the decorations you add that will make them into masterpieces.

With my maraschino cherry and pecan cake from above, I often make cupcakes with them. I add the decorations of cherries cut in half surrounding a half pecan nut. I have also added candy hearts and icing polka dots for decoration. Heart-shaped brownies can also be frosted with red and white icing.

Just a little decoration imagination, along with tubes of white, red and pink icing, you can have fun cupcakes and brownies for Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Oh! I need to get a new heart shaped pan! The Wilton one I had made it through 27 Valentine’s Days before it gave out! Now, which pan to choose…

  2. Cynthia says:

    I have been making heart shaped cakes for Valentine’s Day for decades now. I make just a standard heart shape cake, but that Wilton Dimensions cake pan you have features sure would make a pretty cake!

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