Summer Barbeque Party: Invitations

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BBQ-PartyAre you ready for a summer barbeque? I know I am. Every summer I throw a fun party around the grill and it’s time to get the planning going. Starting off with the invitations is always my first step. Whether I go “hog” wild (pun intended), or I just have a few friends over for the evening, it always turns out to be a great time.

Party Planning Themes

You may think that a barbeque party is a theme all by itself, and that can be true. But, you can also create a theme around the grilled food. This year, I’m planning an Old West Barbeque party. You can imagine all the decor and extras that will go into that. A chuck wagon for the buffet, lots of denim in the fabrics and red kerchiefs for everyone to wear.

But there are plenty of other themes to work with for a barbeque party. How about a luau? Think tropical decor and lots of fruit to accent what you grill. Do all your friends beg you for that secret ingredient that makes your burgers better than anyone else’s? Then go for a retro diner theme. Just about anything can work for a summer barbeque party. So have fun and be creative.

Favorite Invitations

Here are some of my personal favorite cookout party invitations. Yep, you guessed it. That one in the middle is my choice for this year’s Old West Barbeque party. But, also look at the other two choices I added. They can help you decide on a theme, just by looking at them.

 Watermelon Summer Cookout Invitation Good Old BBQ Country Style Party Invitation Cheeseburger BBQ Cookout Invitation Template

One of my favorite things to do as I start planning a party is to go through the invitation choices from the talented artists at They have such great imaginations and create such interesting invitations in many different themes. I have the fun of planning my party around the one I chose. Not only the theme, but the color scheme can come directly off the party invite. Look at the middle choice, the one I am using this year. Not only an old west theme, but also the dark red, blue and gray colors. Easy, huh?

Enjoy Your Own BBQ

Remember to enjoy your own party. Make sure to have as much prepared ahead of time as you possibly can. Set up a buffet so that you have minimal time serving food. I have found a great website for you. It’s all about preparing a wonderful buffet for your party. The Stylish Buffet has everything you need from decorations to food safety. It’s worth discovering for your next party planning. In the meantime, enjoy yourself.

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  1. I recently received an invitation to a cookout and thought what a cool idea! In my circle of family and friends, a cookout usually generates only a phone call, but I absolutely loved getting the printed invitation. It saved me from having to call at the last minute for the times. I also loved that there was an established end time.

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