The Zombie Invasion Could Happen This Halloween

Zombie Invasion Web SurfAre you ready for the zombie invasion? It could very well be this Halloween, you know. So you should think about getting yourself and your family prepared.

Zombie Survival Guide

Of course, some people are looking forward to it. Not me, I want my Zombie Survival Guide ready. I want to be fully prepared to survive when they come. After all, the undead are not the kind of folks I want living next door to me. Although, I think one of my neighbors might be one, or else he is really close!


 The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

Zombie Parties and Preparedness

Maybe that’s why the rest of us are thinking about a Zombie party this year. We found the Zombie invitations, so we should be ready to go. Hm, wonder if we should invite that particular neighbor? Would he get offended? Or be happy to have fresh blood to drink? No, wait, that’s a vampire, not a zombie.

Well, I intend to have my zombie jewelry to wear with my zombie costume. He might just think I’m one of them and leave me alone. You know, zombie’s aren’t the brightest of creatures. Their brain is long decayed. So it could work.

No Chances with the Zombies

But, I’m not taking any chances. I’m going to be ready this Halloween with plenty of anti-zombie stuff. How about you? Will you prepared for an invasion of the undead? Are you ready with your signs to make your party a free zone so that none of those creatures can attack you or your party guests? That’s what I will be working towards, a safe and secure world with lots of fun this Halloween. So clearly, I’m taking no chances and I don’t think you should either.

Of course, if you want to dress as a zombie for this Halloween how about a great costume just for the occasion? Here is one of my favorites. Zombie Invasion

Fun World Costumes Men’s Mens Complete 3D Zombie-Adult


Hope your Halloween is safe and fun with none of the undead following you around. But be prepared just in case this is the year of the invasion!


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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Me too! Pass the Zombie Survival Guide! I don’t want to mess with any zombies this Halloween!

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