Zombie Costumes for Women

Women's-Zombie-CostumeWith the Zombie invasion on its way, looking the part is perfect for Halloween or any costume occasion. The look is simply the undead, so putting together a costume is easy and fun.

Looking Dead

Zombies are the dead returned to life. So the effect of any costume is just the elements of a decaying body. With women’s costumes, hair is one of those important factors. But the hair should look moldy. It’s been in 6 feet under for awhile. Long haired wigs are available that have the look built in. Like this one – Creepy Zombie Wig pictured above. Temporary hair coloring is also available to create that dead look to your own hair.

Makeup for Effect

Your makeup is simple as well. Basically white face. You need to look like you have been dead for a while. I have used yellow face makeup to great effect as well. Emphasize your eyes with dark liner and moldy green shadow. For my Zombie lips, I used black liner around my lips then filled in with green cake makeup. I put a coating of clear gloss on my lips first. That was meant to protect them, but the effect turned out to be an eerie glow. Perfect for a Zombie.

Costumes for Women

The look of your dress should be torn and bloody. If you don’t want to create your own, here are some fun looks decked out just right for the Zombie look.

 Woman’s Zombie Costume, Gray, One Size Woman’s Zombie Punk Costume, Black/Gray, One Size Woman’s Zombie Housewife Costume, Black/White, One Size

Of course, if you have that talent and time, creating your own costume can be fun. You probably won’t want to destroy one of your own dresses, but finding a dress or outfit that you are willing to destroy is not hard either. Second-hand or thrift shops often have clothing that can work perfect for a Zombie costume. Make tears and rips in appropriate places, then wash the outfit to get the raveling effect of age. Add in some fake blood and your costume is ready.

Complete the Look with Jewelry

Accent your undead costume with some Zombie Jewelry, or other Halloween jewelry and you are set for your costume or the Zombie invasion.

Finding more accessories to complete your look if you want to go all out is easy. Just take a look at undead stuff for women to find inspiration and the kind of fun accents that will make your own costume stand out.


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  1. Mandee says:

    WOW! This is a creepy look and perfect for a zombie. I seem to see more each year and all look unique once they put together their own hair, make-up, costumes and accessories. It’s the perfect Halloween costume!

  2. I love the Zombie costumes! Zombies are pretty popular right now for sure. We even have a city hosted Zombie walk each year. I don’t participate, but my children and their friend enjoy dressing up and joining the citywide party. Of course, I might just shock them one year and don that Zombie housewife costume and join the walk.

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